How to select the right AC for your home this summer

India’s economic growth and increasing purchasing power parity has empowered the average middle-class family to afford a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. Air conditioners that were once considered as a mark of luxury have now found a fair place best-romantic-vacations in almost every middle-class household, not only in the metros but also in the small cities.
With the introduction of newer technologies, healthcare benefits and energy efficiency, consumers have become more aware of their necessities and they have a wide variety emovereasy of brands and product offerings to choose from. Industry experts and analysts have projected ‘Energy Efficiency, Healthcare and Innovation’ as the three commandments that will guide consumer buying behavior in 2014.

Brands are now launching highly energy efficient five star rated ACs that are also exceptionally designed and include value added features especially developed for Indian markets, based on health conditions, local climatic patterns and consumer requirements. Apart from being cooling devices, these new age ACs are also high on innovative features like humidity control, air purification and a newly launched feature that repels mosquitoes in a non-toxic way for you to enjoy a sound sleep, especially in a season where serious epidemics like dengue, malaria are at their peak.


The limit of the climate control system ought to be considered relying upon the floor size of the space for which the AC is required. An unpleasant measure expresses unarespuesta that a region in scope of 120 ~140 Sq. ft. region will require 1 ton, 150 ~180 Sq. ft. region will require 1.5 ton and 180 ~240 Sq. ft. region will require 2 ton cooling limit air – conditioner.

Energy efficiency:

Today, with rising mercury levels and expanding power taxes, an energy productive model of climate control system is a must-purchase. Climate control systems accompany star evaluated energy effectiveness appraisals; additionally called EER, which has been normalized by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Hence, any unit with additional stars will consume lesser power than one with a lower star rating.

Split or window AC:

Another game changer is whether you need a window AC or a split model. However window units are less expensive airportshuttleservices and simple to introduce, split ACs are calmer, stylishly really satisfying and give better air appropriation.

Product Price:

Cost is one more significant variable to consider as additional elements and higher star evaluations represent a more exorbitant cost tag. For each star rating increment there is an increment of around Rs 2,500. An Inverter AC is normally 20% higher than a 5-Star evaluated Split AC.

Air Quality:

Indoor air quality is vital while conveying ACs at home; subsequently AC with a decent channel is critical to further develop indoor air quality. A decent channel guarantees clean air as well as upgrades the cooling execution and energy effectiveness of AC by forestalling prepaidify the gagging of evaporator curl because of residue.

Installation requirements:

The window AC is a reduced unit intended to be connected to the windows. A split AC has a blower unit outside the house and one indoor unit inside the room, explicitly intended for better progression of air. Establishment ought to continuously be finished from an approved assistance place. The presentation boundary of AC relies upon a fortunate or unfortunate establishment.

Maintenance & Cleaning:

ACs are like vehicles, and they need normal adjusting to stay in best condition and ideal execution. Once introduced, there ought to be ordinary adjusting, ideally quarterly.

Cooling speed:

The AC ought to have a flexible indoor regulator (temperature setting) and no less than two cooling speeds, and at least two fan speeds as you might need to involve variable ibloginside velocities for various times. An energy effective setting will be a valuable expansion as it helps in saving energy while giving ideal cooling.

After sales services:

After deals administrations and other extra elements like guarantee would unquestionably be an or more for your buy. Search for a help situated brand which has the capacities and great organization to meet the overhauling need of your item.


These days, AC isn’t only utilized for cooling, yet as a multi occasional item which can likewise be utilized in winters for warming. These Hot and Cold Air Conditioners additionally set aside to 35% more energy than warmers. ACs are additionally the best cooling gadgets for Humid climate. Exceptional cooling capacities are expected for ideal cooling and most extreme solace during storms. So search for an AC with highlights which have some control over mugginess and give more solace in Monsoons.